About me

I am thrilled that you have visited my blog! In case you are wondering, Painter of Words has nothing to do with a brush and paint, but a pen and ink. I aspire for my writing to be like a picture upon a blank canvas. My words I wish to be the golds and azures gently swept across a white canvas to create a portrait of what I am writing. My writing style is of reality (no fantasy). I enjoy stories with messages, adventure, and plots set amidst the backdrop of a familiar scene in history. Poetry is also a hobby, and my own tends to look like Sir Walter Scott’s, whose poetry is constantly in my mind.

I am 15 (nearly 16), and live with my parents on our little acre. We currently have chickens, two beehives, a few (9) barn cats, the inside cat Oliver, and our energetic Border Collie. A dream of mine has always been to live on a farm with cattle, geese, bees, chickens, and border collies. Also to live without electricity and technology, we’ll see how that one goes:)

As for my beliefs, I am a Christian, anti-feminist, baptist, firm believer in modesty, pro-life, a young earth creationist, and home educated. However, I was in a government school until I was 10 and now am happily home educated by my parents.

Some of my life goals are to get married and raise a family dedicated to serving the Lord, having a novel of mine own published and cherished by those who open its pages, and travel across the world to places like Egypt, England, Peru, Switzerland, and Scotland. …although I am not sure how to accomplish that since I have a fear of water and planes:)

My interests are varied and ‘I take pleasure in many things’, as Elizabeth Bennet so elegantly put it. I enjoy walking in solemn forests, reading novels that expand my imagination, baking and learning the arts of homemaking, playing the piano, listening to instrumental music, road trips, cartography, and putting my pen to my paper and scribbling away to pass the time. I also like to take pictures of my feet, and after many minutes of studying, I still have no idea why.